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  1. I’m just hoping it gets back to 45$ so I can get the fuck out

  2. Draftkings is going to mid 20’s way before it starts uptrending once again

  3. Revolutionary-Tie911

    DKNG is burning cash at an unreasonable pace, who knows when it will ever be profitable. I don’t like how this company fails to find support at critical levels.

  4. Johnny_Blaze000

    I held dkng but luckily sold before this crash for barely a gain. Idk man, I bought the hype but I’ve been thinking: Whos to say that this the sport gambling ticket of the future? There are other options that currently exist, and as more states legalize gambling it becomes more likely that big casinos enter the game.

  5. I can’t buy any gambling stocks because I like gambling but I’d rather gamble on stocks ?

  6. username_insert_here

    i bought puts instead.

    figured people won’t have money to buy food soon.

  7. Fuck online gambling. Just sounds like an extremely painful way to lose your money

  8. I like the company, but not at this price. Could be a bargain in a few months as I think it will considerably cheaper.

  9. Suspicious about how many random bear comment there are on this post…

    Nobody is actually talking about the patent and the account look like bots …

  10. stay at home stock & a reopening play in one.

  11. You can already make live bets like that on other offshore sites(not sure about public companies like PENN,FUBO,etc.), but being able to place live bets on specific incidents wouldn’t boost revenue that much anyways..There’s not many people who make live bets on stupid shit like “is the next play gonna be a run or pass play” plus they don’t bet that much money on it.

    I’m big on sports gambling, but I don’t think the sector will start moving consistently up until Texas or Cali legalize it. I’d rather bet on FUBO or PENN/barstool for 5-10 years out, but imo dkng needs to rebrand because they’re probably still seen as a DFS company by your average joe and DFS is extremely boring and high churn.

  12. Not draftkings anymore, more like draftqueens right now

  13. Potential_Resolve273

    Bovada. No moat for king of drafts.

    On gambling all over the place.

  14. DKNG is a long term play that requires legislation to become profitable. They’re also in trouble because the slow speed had allowed me established brands in physical gambling to catch up on the online space. Add to that their loss of exclusivity with the NFL and they’re in real trouble, which is evident by their stock movements.

    Position: 1 January 2023 40c

  15. ipolitelydisagree88

    How very dare you bring gambling into this sub. Wallstreetbets is for the children.

  16. No thanks – nice DD, but the price action on this name is fucking brutal. Puts on at resistance all day on it.

  17. This has been printing since this was published


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