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  1. why would Nancy do this

  2. Bought some bear spray for 2022

  3. SweetEmbraceableYou

    It would be so nice to have a big ol rally in 2022. Who do I vote for to make that happen?


    3 rate hikes in 2022… gonna be a blood bath

  5. Spiritual_Extreme_81

    The bad thing is I’m down 3600 on nvda calls the good news is it could rip $20 any day next week and save me….


  6. I’ve been buying att for awhile now. Took me awhile to get my cost basis down but I’m good now.

  7. lululuminminmin

    So this is the market in hard mode. Ooooookay

  8. Happy new year ya filthy animals. Are you guys going full perma bears for 2022?

  9. HUT green while MARA, RIOT and magic coin bigly red. Go HUT 🚀

  10. Happy new year fuckers, and may the tendies be with you (unless ber)

  11. Just need Monday to be a plus 1% day and I’m doing okay 😎😎😎 eyyy. If not I’m fucked

  12. Anyone bullish on PLTR???

  13. Applying principles of Time Value of Money with accelerated inflation SPY should be around $487 right now. Jamie Dimon fucked you out if your tendies, just so you know who to blame.

  14. Can we get spy 480 Monday please my funds depend on it

  15. When RH automatically closes out the short leg of my calendar spread and a worthless leg of a debit spread expiring today as a credit spread instead of just closing the calendar spread…

    Like cool thanks for the free money algos lol…

  16. tax loss harvesting is a real thing.
    monday we moon, and if not, that means the selling pressure from the new tax year profit takers are winning which means the week after we moon.

  17. Emergency-Eye-2165

    Happy New Year fellow retards, let’s get that fucking money in 2022!

  18. /r/watchescirclejerk

  19. Signal-Day-3837

    Sell everything and put it into Berkshire Hathaway stocks

    Jk I’m going for 0DTE OTM SPY puts 😎

  20. Thank you everyone for a great year may 2022 bring us all the tendies we deserve :))

  21. Happy New Year, everyone. I’m new here but I love this sub, you’re all a bunch of beautiful retards and I wish you many tendies in the new year and also blowjobs.

  22. Where can I watch the nasdaq index AM ?

  23. Abnb. Long and strong

  24. Spiritual_Extreme_81

    WSB will be empty come summer 2022 🐻

  25. Creative-Attention57

    Buy as many GME as I can and DRS all! 🙂 fuck Citadel and thief Kenny

  26. Why is this so quiet…

  27. is korn or any of its variants gonna go crazy for the first

  28. 2022 is gonna blow big black cocks

  29. Grouchy_Raccoon_6759

    Year some of the small caps come back and others continue to fade. Big on FUBO , PLTR , ROKU

  30. All in hut 8 calls exp march

  31. Hairy-Boysenberry-74

    Looking forward to more Drilling in 2022, be prepared bulls!

  32. I crossed 100k$ first time is my investing life. I am looking forward to double my investment by the end of 2022, with Leaps on Palosi and my GMEs

  33. Idk man I don’t know what the fuck I or the market is doing

  34. Anyone know of an open stock market in some smoky basement in the meat packing district?

  35. Down like 50 something % pretty good but I won’t be satisfied till I lost it all

    I wanna be the first one to post 100% loss porn

  36. ENVX is going to moon during CES

  37. yoloing my financial aid for this quarter into pelosi rblx plays sounding real tempting rn

  38. I can’t find anything decent to buy, guess I’ll keep looking around feeling lost

  39. Hoping vaxart takes off so I can recoup 50% loss due to me taking it out of vaxart and into uone for a haircut. Still can’t come to grips

  40. mahomesisbatman

    Spending the next like 4 months doing a little research and try to figure out where the hell to start with stocks. Plan on starting small up to 5 grand in the stock market by August …smartly. haha


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