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  1. This man defo has puts on Rivian

  2. New Years revolution – find new tendies from stocks other than rivian

  3. Anyone going to “head” OP’s warning?

  4. LeafsAreCryBabies

    Thanks for literally saying nothing interesting or new.

  5. It the short term it hardly matters. It’s green startup so people will buy the stock without looking at anything else.

    In the long term you must realize the green stocks you like and the ones you don’t are highly correlated.

  6. CharacterSolid7589

    Rsther buy Cenntro

  7. You said “battery electric vehicle” a lot.

  8. in similar fashion even tesla is Fd, its just the US centric internet doesnt want to realize it.

    now they are sure a fine carmaker now, but thats it. their profit margin on car is all they have. will they be selling their batteries to elsewhere? what profit will come from that? will other carmakers buy those and thus overprice their own cars? if you want luxury you already have electric bmw/audi/mercedes and brand-wise thats what people outside the internet/youtube bubble buy, especially in europe which is small and where your model 3 costs 60+k EUR

    meanwhile kia/hyundai electric crossovers cost 35k EUR in Europe. this is what Elons planned 25k USD electric car will have to compete with once you include MSRP and taxes.

    in Europe you dont need the long range of Tesla, but the bigger issue is the battery endurance in winter and how winter will damage the longevity of battery. guess what, the guy who blew up the 9 year Tesla he bought in Norway because the battey bill would be 20+k EUR? well it gets pretty cold in Norway.

    now I really hope a standard for switchable batteries like NIOs spreads otherwise these cars are a dead end

    people actualize tesla value becale 20 mil sales. well hold your horses. VW/toyota make 10 mil a year sales and 50% if not more are the mini 22k usd/17k eur cheap cars. if you think that worlds working class is able to switch these sales from such cheap cars to 35k+ electric cars think again. if tesla is able to sell 5-7 mil cars a year thats it.

  9. 2relentless2die

    Read this and went to customize an R1T. $1000 pre-orders why not?. Thanks bro without your ramblings I wouldn’t have realized how ugly and ridiculous the delayed cybertruck is. Who the fuck would want that with such a nice truck like the R1T already on the market

  10. Are you stupid?!?!? They have Amazon EV full contrat for delivery truck and ford has put millions into Rivian as Well…. and a new factory Will be built.. do your research and start up always begin in negative income….

  11. I saw one yesterday. First time. Asshole driver pulled way over to the right to make a left hand turn, blocking traffic from behind. Dummy

  12. 10000% less recalls than $TSLA tho

  13. LEV Lion electric should be a big winner in 2022, they have 3 Factories (2 new) and 12 Commercial Electric vehicles models, Only 1.8B Cap with over 1B backlog orders

  14. I actively looks for reasons to sell RIVN, but nothing u said was valid given the upside. The hype is too real. Plus the reviews of the car tell me word of mouth is going to create some real FOMO for EV enthusiasts. They are the first EV truck to deliver in the market… if they even hit half of their preorder numbers, imma buy more shares and some calls. Plus they are showing nimble and smart decision making by pushing big batteries to 2023(less reliance on bigger battery means less supply chain constraints) and focusing on delivering as many small battery R1Ts in 2022. They’ll have better earnings calls for the year plus the only trucks(the best selling type of car in America) on the market compared to ford or tesla or GM.

  15. Hmmm don’t they have 20 billion in cash?

    Lots of capital if you ask me

    Whether they spend it well is another question

  16. Rivian will not be as close to bankruptcy as Tesla was… Ever. They raised more than they need for the future and have huge reserves to fall back upon. They also have heavy weight investors who will inject cash and wait for returns for a long time.

  17. Exact_Climate_655

    Good luck getting old school automotive to adopt to the new EV game anytime soon. The internal infrastructure needed to change, including unionized workers is a huge undertaking most don’t realize. Yes, Rivian will be going through some major growing pains but I’d rather put my money on new progressive companies that don’t have deeply rooted complacencies and have different professional backgrounds vs old school automotive companies telling us, “it’s never been done that way”

  18. Ah!! Émotion, je suis français alors, dsl pour mes phrases grammaticalements erronées. Toutefois, se soir demande toi pourquoi rivian tourne sur lui même comme un tank. 4engines!! Peace out stubborn person who’s unplaissant and Jugemental

  19. Everything is bigger in Texas….including it’s autist. OP’s dad definitely still thinks the internet is a fad.

  20. Kitchen-Figure5728

    They are a battery company, not car company…

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