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  1. manifestingmoola2020

    Hey guys capitalize on the Pelosi effect by buying a bunch of shit Pelosi didn’t

  2. Senate passed this back in June and House has barely looked at it until recently. These trades were made recently as well…….. Not sure how Roblox fits in unless she really believes that’s where all the digital infrastructure is being built.

  3. SupremeAnaconda

    But puts on all these

  4. Intel is missing there.

  5. got 500s of RBLX and holding . Nancy Pelosi might be right to buy Roblox calls!

  6. Mr_Pete_Diamond

    What you think it will mean for AMD? And I’m not asking as someone who thinks AMD is a meme stock. I’ve been holding since the 45 a share lol.

  7. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)RBLX RBLX RBLX 🍾

  8. alwayslookingout

    Sure. Let me buy a hundred shares of LRCX too…holy balls $721/share.

  9. Lots of companies in the semiconductor/chip space:

    QCOM, KLAC, ON, ASML, MRVL to name a few.

    Honestly can’t see any of these plus the ones OP mention being bad plays this year.

    This is the space to play for 2022 IMO.

  10. We not gonna talk about GME dipping it’s balls into the Metaverse?

  11. I just buy exactly what she buys. She’s up more than McConnell

  12. FutureMassive69

    I like the idea, but it’s only $52B of funding spread out over the industry, I don’t think it will move the needle much and should already be priced in

  13. We need a Nancy Pelosi meme response on this sub

  14. You seriously have to be a retard. $MU has huge facilities in china. How’s are they going to benefit any extra from this act. At max they will get subsidised from your tax money to make local facilities. Even then it won’t be competitive. Last time Nancy’s $TSLA call became public and folks aped on it it went through a long 35% drawdown. It recovered nicely yes, but will they all always do?

  15. Stop trying to pump your crappy picks. Just follow Pelosi

  16. WhiskeyZuluMike

    SMH will get dragged down by Intel and s bunch of trash. Better to dissect it and pick the best. Nvidia and TSM probably.

  17. SMH has foreign companies like TSM in the mix, which wouldn’t benefit,

  18. Linde is a good one. They just bought praxair and now is the leading maker of gases for semiconductors.

  19. I won’t read anything unless a rocket is included in the text.

  20. Charming_Ad_4189

    Thanks for the 🚀. Much appreciated


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