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  1. Curious and following…

  2. Following as I too am interested in the Reddit IPO. I think these are great questions. I’m also curious as to what exactly will happen to Reddit and the content on there once they are officially traded. I assume it could depend on if they appoint new board members and who the major players are in terms of shareholders.

  3. Its gonna be a yolo extravaganza

  4. TooManyKids_Man

    My thought is I will probably leave reddit after it gets pulbicified, the mods are already stupid enough you see.

  5. Only speculations. Time will tell us for certain.

  6. SEC oversight won’t change day to day operations. Especially not the censorship which is mostly the product of the user/mod arrangement.

  7. r/researchchemicals already can’t discuss the integrity or safety of vendors. I think Reddit stays as it is post ipo with a couple waves of end user experience improvements. I think we see a lot more bots commenting and r/popular and sorting by top will probably get new algo’s

  8. SugarMapleSawFly

    When Reddit goes public it will be under pressure from shareholders—who are all greedy bloodsucking vampire bats—to perform financially better and better each year. That will mean more ads, more revenue streams, more products, more sites. Reddit will change drastically. It might get better, or it might become dogshit like Facebook.

    I’ll buy stock so that I can complain at the meetings.

  9. Dwac type run? I think so

  10. Just like every ipo I’m buying puts

  11. Its gonna be fucking comical.

    Find me any hedgies, banks or any big institutional investor that will want to plough money into this shithole.

    Literally, a site where there are subs devoted to sexism, racism, hate speech, violence and general wankery by huge sections of the userbase. Good luck finding financial backers that want to be associated with that. Everyone will jerk off thinking Reddit is just WSB, then when they realise it’s just a giant social media cesspit with less regulation and moderation than Facebook etc, shit’s going down faster than Titanic.

    You’d have more success with a 4chan IPO.

    Not gonna lie, if this Reddit IPO happens, I will short the shit out of it with every single penny I have and can borrow.

  12. What I really like about Reddit as opposed to other social media platforms, is that it’s content centric, not user centric. That way it stays clear of all the “influencer” BS/noise.

    I’ve deactivated my FB profile years ago (too much of a college student/insecure vibe), but really enjoy scrolling content centric posts on Reddit.

    Reddit just seems more useful for advice seeking and less for organizing/advocacy. I’ll buy their IPO as a satisfied user. However, I really hope it doesn’t change once public.

  13. Impossible-Hall-8878

    Lmao you pay for this

  14. did they file an S-1?

  15. DiminishedProspects

    Nice Shaq quote, however you and I and Shaq are on different playing fields when it comes to investing. Shaq will invest in what he uses at a early series private equity level when the ownership of a company is closely held by a select few, whereas we don’t have the option to invest until the IPO. Using the going public valuation, Shaw will already have made 5-10x his investment. Also Reddit probably going to pop even higher on first trade versus IPO price given the interest level.

    Definitely not saying you shouldn’t invest, but tread carefully on your entry point when comparing investment strategies with those wielding big money and the connections needed to get in on the ground floor.

  16. Buy and hold. Keep holding. Buy the dip. And keep holding.

  17. VirtualSentient

    It will be as successful as tumblr

  18. aggolaacheiacatharhu

    So if Reddit has shareholders, do they get any more power on the site or are they just bagholders while the scum drag the site down into the depths?

  19. BeginningMaster9459

    If it gets bid up how will we take it private?

  20. Careless-Pin-2852

    If the number of adds doubled I could live with that.

  21. It will be edited much more than it is now, I’m not real excited about this.

  22. It’s the end of the bull run

  23. WhatTheHeck2019

    Reddits been dead for a while. Years ago like 10% of front pages were nsfw posts. Now you might find one on an off day on page 25.

    Not saying its a good or bad thing, but it just shows how heavily curated reddit has become. Tons of smaller quality subs still, but anything else is all just programming.

    Used to be a free madhouse of the masses. Now it’s just a line toting clownshow for millennials, who haven’t realized decades have past and they old like their parents.

    IPO is nail in coffin


  24. Definitely should be a subreddit strictly for Reddit shareholders to complain

  25. Chester_Money_Bags

    Well I would say that they better let freedom of speech be uninhibited or else they are going to have this beautiful group of retail morons short them into the ground just like “HOOD”

  26. Outrageous-Ad4537

    Fuck Reddit man we have our meme thing going but it’s tons of bots and shills. Only thing to happen is more fucking adds and data selling or how would this be profitable

  27. All in. Reddit bigger than FB

    Addictive as fuck, plus porn

  28. 11.4 mln retards in WSB club – nice IPO, strong buy.

  29. DaRealWarrenBuffett

    I think it will go up and then go down

  30. It’s going to go up, then it’s going to go down.

  31. gammaradiation2

    Short the fuck out of it until it drops to the, at most, billion or two it’s actually worth then buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy.

  32. I will buy it on Robinhood

  33. Familiar_Stranger936

    I imagine there will be ads all over the place

  34. EnvironmentalHead751

    Launch a coin.

  35. I think it’s gonna be a pump and dump, and I wanna participate.

  36. Buy 1 share every week. Sell all when realizing 20% profit based on invested amount so far. This should be a safe approach.

  37. Hot_Imagination4911

    Just a quick piece of advice on the whole shaq buy company’s he uses

    He probably does but chance as are he only uses good promoting company’s such as Google and not some random other search engine

    Basially you can invest in company’s you use and lose money if you are prone to using bad company’s

  38. The more it goes up the shittier the site will be

  39. What’s the valuation? 10-20b?

  40. ok but what if WSB becomes a majority shareholder and then we don’t change anything about Reddit???

  41. lol reddit’s staff trying to sell WSB bags.


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