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  1. Prestigious_Trip3266

    Tough year, I agree this is very cheap

  2. sk8ing_everywhere

    I don’t hate wish but you’re probably going to get roasted for this. I momentum traded it and made some money with it earlier this year. Hope you didn’t buy too high and deep in the red now.

    The first thing some one on this sub is going to ask you is if you’ve ever ordered anything from wish because the quality is terrible if it even gets shipped at all. I ordered a hard to find NOFX graphic tee from Wish that i’ve wanted since middle school for $10 shipped awhile ago and was happy with it! somehow got to California in 2 days from China

    it has a lot of upside. good DD and good luck with your trade

  3. With all the improvements they’ve been making, I wouldn’t be surprised if $WISH recovers at least half of its 2021 losses in 2022

  4. Those talking about quality, delivery times, etc. need to download the app again and give it another try. The whole user experience have been revolutionized over the past 12 months

  5. “$x is truly the historical bottom” had to have been uttered thousands of times this year regarding this stock lol. Never fails to disappoint.

  6. Has anyone actually purchased anything off wish? It looks like the crap in the dollar store

  7. alwayslookingout

    Just a casual 10x of the current price in one year.

  8. Got this great little ape on wish.
    Seiko Solid Copper Gorilla Monkey Small Ornaments Bronze Art Bronze Pet Monkey Bronze Handle Pieces Antique Micro-carved

  9. Every time I read $Wish I read it as swish because that’s where you’re money has gone- swish down the drain.

  10. Reasonable_Ad_7289

    I AM GOING LONG AS FUCK ON WISH……… in 2028, if they are still alive

  11. >30+ in 2022

    Truly the most retarded thing I’ve read in here all year. Thanks for saving it for the last day!

  12. Affectionate-Rock157

    How many bags you holding?

  13. Wish will go up this year, it definitely had and still has a number of glaring problems but the good thing is they were so obvious to see, they aren’t easy overnight fixes so it will take a little time, the thing that will take more time is getting retails confidence back in the stock, I’m long on Wish and have ordered off of it recently partly to see how the delivery times were, it’s definitely not Amazon but the same stuff was about 50% less on wish so the savings were worth the wait, the changes they are making will show in the second half of next year and the stock price will respond accordingly.

  14. Competitive-Still294

    Im afraid about middle term, as Im afraid for all the market.

    But long term is must. This is literally a turnaround history…

    Samsung, Sony, Adidas, CHANEL!!!, and a lot of well recognize brands are opening exclusive stores in Wish… Logistic problems can be solved very quickly.

    Brand legacy will take at least 2 years, but trading at EV/REV x0,54 has no sense.

  15. Conscious_Specific57

    Buy as many calls on wish and sdc as you can!! I know a dentist and someone who works at dollar tree

  16. I did not read your post and don’t have to.

    WISH is a piece of shit period. It smells like shit, looks like shit, and I’m sure if you tasted it that it would taste like shit.

    You should have dumped it like a whore girlfriend in 2021!

    **MOST IMPORTANTLY to all WSB: PLEASE stop posting shit posts about WISH and the other bagholders’ favs!!! Let’s start 2022 with some fresh ideas people.**

  17. It’s cheap, but it’s a horribly run company that fails to provide consistent service to its customers. That’s not the sign of a good investment.

  18. I bounced over to the WISH website…expecting the user to sign up before looking at anything is a BIG, BIG, BIG turnoff. (…no, I didn’t sign up, and I guarantee you that a lot of other people don’t either.)

  19. how can someone look at wishs charts and think call options

  20. Not a terrible stock! It got taken to the woodshed with other small companies with no earnings at high share prices. Long term probably a good play. Don’t know how you can quantify $30 in 2022. Happy New Year

  21. aggolaacheiacatharhu

    Wish make me sad, they’re still trying to sell me handgun on Facebook, and I know its not because I’m a gun advocate

  22. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)

  23. Wish’s biggest issue is their products are lightly desired. And Items they carry that might actually be a deal are realistically from other vendors. I looked for a cheap but useful tablet for my 7yo. Found the ONN 8″ for $59, but before I clicked purchase I realized that’s Walmarts product and guess who sells it for the same price free of shipping or in store. That’s right. Walmart. Wish has no real brand, they sell garbage that’s often hard to even rummage through. Ironically I think a better online vendor that might compete with AMZN is one who only sells top tier gear, saving us the trouble of looking through all the subpar trash even AMZN carries.

  24. Imaginary-Letter3493

    The problem of addict of any kind is that they know that the shit is not good for them and yet keep going at it.

  25. Billyshakes1597

    It would just be nice if these posts were simply, “Hey gang, really screwed up and holding some heavy bags of a shit stock here. Could you all do me a solid and buy a bunch so I could lighten my load?”

  26. I wish this stock never existed

  27. lmao, OP is a fucking ? trying to drop his bag. $30 in 2022 huh, GTFO here.

  28. $TMC is gonna run it up this year too…

  29. February: $24 is the bottom!

    March: $16 is the bottom!

    April: $12 is the bottom!

    May: $8 is the bottom!

    August: $6 is the bottom!

    September: $5 is the bottom!

    OP today: $3 is the bottom!

    Next month: Delisting is the bottom!

  30. I wish Wish was higher so these puts kept printing me more money….

  31. At one point for sure it will go back to 10$

  32. Totally agree with you. Holding $16k shares for long term. ??

  33. I like $WISH as a trade to follow but I feel the sentiment is that it still is a value trap at this levels. I wanna see double the short interest and have a clearer potential catalyst before jumping in this one. Also want to see some big boy call flow. Will continue playing the short side for now on the defined ranges. It’s an easy short still

  34. TheMotorCityCobra

    Wish leadership is competent and have plenty of time, capital and resources to improve the company with a good CEO. Wish is also trading at an incredibly cheap P/S multiple. Wish also has quite a strong balance sheet, and is virtually debt free with marketable securities, cash, and cash equivalents of approximately $1+ billion so there is no risk of bankruptcy anytime soon.

    Furthermore Snap, Jumia, GME and AMC had/has way bigger issues than Wish recently and look at where they are now (they all increased several thousand %). Meanwhile, NKLA, an absolute scam with five years of broken promises, no actual product, no actual product on the horizon. A total disaster in every way. The market cap is $3.8 Billion. In light of all this i believe Wish is undervalued and it will be a multiple bagger in 2022 or 2023

  35. mattmassivelosses

    My price target is $15 in 2022 and $30 in 2023

  36. Insiders selling still. Do we have more decline?

  37. I know they have some cash on hand but is it enough not to have more stock offerings? They will raise cash before bankruptcy. May have some more down side but 3.00 has been a resting place. If it crosses over for more than a week, I would be concerned.

  38. AcanthocephalaOk1042

    3 is the historic bottom so far…

  39. International-Post52

    Where fucking lives Peter Szulczewki? We gona destroy his house and going to beat up him.


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