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  1. jewelsofeastwest

    Her political views should have been the first warning very candidly. She’s a lunatic.

  2. HomieWithExtrChromi

    I will reserve a spot for you behind Wendys dumpster

  3. complete fuckery across the board

  4. Lol.. her fund is still up something like 227%

  5. Ah yes Buffett, the guy who was great at 3xing in a year

  6. So…you invested in a “sure thing” and are surprised you got had?

  7. Well I guess we learned to take the YouTubers with a grain of salt huh?

  8. This is the dark side of Reddit /stock twits/Robinhood/etc. Giving the uninformed but generally smart risk taker the ability to attempt to buy riches easily. It’s not easy. If it was easy everyone would know a bunch of peeps making millions on the market It’s a pyramid scheme built on the backs of suckers. There are winners, but if you don’t fully understand the in’s and out’s of how your money is going to make money, guess which one you are? Sorry this hard lesson happened to you. Keep your head up.

  9. She is a complete moron. Have you ever heard her speak? Why would anyone invest in her.

  10. Mama-watch-im-traid

    Dude…u gave women money and expected her to give it back to u??? I guess u r not married.

  11. Acceptable-Ear-6544

    Nobody cares. Get back to the dumpster and open wide sunshine.

  12. So your mad because you invested your money by listening to YouTubers? Right

  13. Shut the fuck up !! You are the STUPID one !! Now start blowing !!! Thanks here’s $2

  14. Complex_Pangolin5822

    Taking investment advice from YouTubers…..
    Not diversifying your investments…
    Taking an investment fund managers word for it…..

    Sounds like you’re exactly where you need to be. Might see if it’s possible to sue yourself for being a retard.

  15. predictingzepast

    >*”I thought that if she’s saying it it must mean she’s guaranteeing these returns for her investors*”

    If you don’t understand what’s wrong with this, you shouldn’t be investing.

  16. If self accountability was a stock, it’s at an all time low

  17. Lol you didn’t dump it when she said Jesus picks stocks for her and if she goes bankrupt it okay because it’s God’s will? Then honestly you deserve to be poor.

  18. The 5 year on ark is 360% returns only being down like 20% in last year, her plays might be drying up, but in the big picture she’s killing it

  19. User name checks out…..

    Fintech is the future, boomers are just scurrred and running for cover during these “so scary taper tantrums”.

    Some of her buying is questionable at best though. Hood at 30? Not Sofi?

  20. It’s odd, I could smell it was gonna end badly. She’s crazy and for a brief moment her crazy lined up with the actual will of the market… then it didn’t.

  21. Just remember,
    The market goes up and down, not an issue if you don’t sell. I say 2025 you make it back😂

  22. You guys are all missing the big picture.

    He says he was in debt and couldn’t pay it.

    However, he could invest in arkk at all time highs and continue to average down.

    Where was he getting all this money if he couldn’t even afford to eat from the Wendy’s dumpsters….. Now thats the real story in his post.

  23. AllweatherInvestor

    You could have started off with the last sentence. Fuck you! You wasted my time. But thanks for the good laugh.

  24. Weary_Truth6432

    So many boomers commenting not catching the sarcasm lmao

  25. Nothing aside from bonds, cds and savings accounts are guaranteed. The rest is a gamble… I don’t own any ark but I would bet you it does well when the market rebounds!

  26. 4NoSingleReason

    Former aerospace and current self driving engineer here. Cathie Wood has no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to the technologies ARK is focused on.

  27. Interesting_Pen6844

    As they always say, never invest money you’re not willing to lose. Good luck to you. NFA

  28. People that manage funds are just used car salesmen. Sometimes they get lucky but almost all of them underperform SPY long term.

  29. ReceptionSilent213

    I finally figured out her investment strategy and it’s a four letter acronym – WWJD

  30. JollySpaceCowboy

    ‘finance YouTubers’![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

  31. MozerfuckerJones

    Anybody else think Cathie Woods looks like Caitlyn Jenner

  32. It sucks I get it..but you have to do your own DD brother, youtubers are fine as long as you put in the time to do your own research. ..and just keep in there what your willing to lose if your not cutting your losses at a certain point. But hey WTF do I know, Ive bought PLTR about 99 times

  33. Investing 101: never risk money you can’t afford to loose….

  34. SmartEntityOriginal

    Retard watches youtube -> Retard follows youtube -> Retard loses money -> Shocked Pikachu face

  35. Soggy-Discipline-244

    She literally just rode Tesla last year, didn’t take a Rocket surgeon.

  36. That-Tomorrow4173

    Hahaha your last sentence has me rofl. You still believe in this fund somewhat if you are willing to still buy more

  37. Psychological_Dig144

    Just HODL and it will be okay. You can camp out in my yard. I’ll put a tent out for you.

  38. Keep buying ARK stocks and average down. Lol. I seriously only keep my ARK shares to remind me of what not to do.

  39. EtherealVenereal

    I heard Cathy is selling bridges. Might want to look into that


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