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  1. Personal-Air-1373

    I bought Ally leaps at $28 during the initial corona virus outbreak, one of my best trades to date, sadly it’s struggling to hit 55, like you said might be the top right now

  2. You missed the boat should have figured that out on Monday. It should keep going though, I hope. Ex bank employee who has 100 shares and would love for it to hit 100 before I sell.

  3. Ill-Albatross-8963

    I don’t disagree, big opportunities for banks coming

    That being said I’m staying away from banks like JPM etc that have exposure as MM. To much funky BS going in other subs that really does make it appear as though they are exposed in a huge way and if/when the econ tanks. No idea when, they will bleed share holder value like a stuck pig …

  4. WillingnessOne9048

    I don’t understand this shit either ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4886)

  5. Large numbers of defaults are coming in the next year. Millions took out home and auto loans during the pandemic while given government aid. Everyone buying home and cars paying 15-30% over value. Banks may post one or 2 more great earnings but that’s a sketchy road.

  6. If rate hikes are coming in March why do your calls expire in January? Did you go full retard?

  7. Buy the banks. Everything is fine. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4886)

  8. I miss these posts, thanks. Also, “you son bih I’m in!”

  9. Look at small, mid sized, and regional banks.. many of those haven’t popped yet.. Zion has a bit but there is some more opportunity out there.. these institutions typically have less regulatory headaches as well. One data breach or checking account scheme hurts the big boys. Just food for thought. Stay 🦍 my friends.

  10. Yea, banks are steady, my favorite is C selling at 70% of tbv, they got to get some shit behind them but 2022 will be good year relative other money center banks

  11. All you fucks commenting on my post. Can you upvote it please? So maybe something that isn’t GME 3000 EOW can be on the front page.

  12. mauvelatern1279

    A lot of people refinanced/took out mortgages when rates were extremely low. So wouldn’t an increase in rates, at least for a few months, result in reduced earnings? Considering that mortgages/a lot of loans are fixed rates but savings accounts aren’t?

  13. Repulsive-Lie-5034

    Never trust a bank

  14. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)

  15. How often do you go to a bank? And compare that how often your dad used to go to bank?

    Crypto currency and blockchain will kill the banks completely.

  16. Rate hikes coming in March but you buy calls for 2 weeks 🤔🤔🤔

  17. Hoping XLF hits $45+ this year.

  18. michelepiserchia

    Already priced in since 2021

  19. Why buy all time high stocks in this market when you have oversold stocks with fast reversal and high gain, Market still be under pressure in the next two weeks and it’s great buying opportunity time

  20. The banks always win – if they can’t raise rates, they raise fees. Even if you think your SHIB is going to moon… you had to buy it with actual $$$ from a bank transfer.

    Banks are chomping at the bit to start the repo process again – it’s also a money maker – write off losses and write new loans.

    When crypto gets regulated (not if – when) banks will be all over it. Paypal, hood, sq, etc. are already trying to pave the way for that, and I’m sure their big brothers at BOA, JPM, etc. are fully prepared to run with it.

  21. I guess I am We -Todd -Did maybe even Sofa King We Todd Did. Lets see buy bank stocks just cause int rates are rising, well you forgot to mention that the increase will kill off the housing market and most will not be able to purchase a house which means less loans for banks and less profits. Also with high price of cars most people will not be able to afford a loan for a new car. This can be applied to everything, avoid the banks– if high rates cause a market crash banks– not could be–but will be in serious trouble.

  22. BAC has a huge wall at 50.. and there was really big move in the past week at over 10%. All the hedgies alr transferred their tech stock profits to banks and industrials. Don’t go all in on this one.

  23. MTB is on the rise and it’s not going to go down for some time.

  24. I bought BNKU a 3x leveraged bank ETF on mondsy with my Roth IRA contribution. Up 20% at close on Friday. Still holding..

  25. Works for Canadian Banks too. Check out RY.TO, I’ve been riding that train for awhile now and it’s steady income.

  26. investorguidance

    Too late. Already have Bank of America $45/$46/$47 Calls expiration in June.

  27. stackcheesesitds

    Citigroup is my retard bet. That is all.

  28. chungusremastered

    So in other words. buy in for the earnings IV spike and ride the way until there?

  29. partially__derived

    2020 was the year of the tech stock, 2021 was the year of the boomer. 2022 will be the year of the ornamental gourd

  30. I would recommend FAS a 3x leveraged banks ETF, please don’t Touch options

  31. Bear case: Defaults

  32. Didn’t you see that post from the other guy that’s going to withdraw all the money from banks and short them? You’re screwed man that guys got the banks by the balls.

  33. Yeah, or they just fail, again.

  34. WallStreetSewerGator

    C is still trading almost 20% below TAV. You could buy it here, sell the company off for scrap, and pocket a 20% upside. It’s a straight value play here and 01/23 70c is still cheap.

    They have earnings coming up. I expect they possibly announce a buyback timeline since their buyback restrictions are over and they are trading below TAV.

    No positions yet, because I was SPY loaded, but based on market conditions Monday, buying 01/23 70c.

  35. manwhoreproblems

    I think you are off. #1 interest rate hikes historically helped banks due to the large amount of treasuries they own.

    #2 higher rates mean significantly less loans. See RKT.

    #3 out of your big three banks who have been smashing earnings lately, it’s mostly been done through the trading desk. This is going to hurt them a lot.

    Posistions 20 faz 20c Feb 18th or something like that.

  36. Maybe you should buy silver too haha i

  37. Nice try, Mr. Dimon.


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