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  1. LuckyLaithLuciano

    We buy short term options. That’s why we don’t do that.

  2. fallweathercamping

    steps to achieve copiuscenion:

    1. post “DD” in WSB, claim but don’t show positions
    2. repeat step 1.

    p.s. hope you feel better soon (and you ~~were vaxxed~~ got the 5G signal booster)!

    edit: for the record, definitely support the vaccine. I’m making fun of the IRL retards who believe FB “news” over real facts

  3. Wait… are you talking about.. trading? This is r/wallstreetbets sir

  4. KitchenCartoonist168

    “Then it hit me like diarrhea in the check out line.” Haha awesome line

    From what I’ve read most people sell calls against their shares as a way of lowering their cost average.

  5. You’re just basically selling at a loss and then going back to swing-trading the same stock. I wouldn’t consider that averaging down. I’d consider an unrelated and separate trade.

    It’s just like if a stock was trading at $5, and now it’s trading between $2 and $3, so you sell your shares around $3 and buy shares around $2, then sell them again when it goes back up to $3, and keep repeating the cycle.

    You might end up making your losses back, but to me it’s no different than if you sold at a loss, then started trading in a different stock, and ended up recouping your losses back from the different stock.

    To me averaging down would be if you bought more shares at the lower price without selling the ones you are already holding.

  6. It works but it’s tricky because once you sell that loss disappears so you have to remember what was your original average. I’m doing it with fami I had 250k shares at .44 now I’m at .31 with 357k shares just from selling at the peaks and buying back full cash amount I sold at the lower price so I end up with more and more shares. The monitory value of my shares is the same as the original cash I put into it but cause my average is higher I’m not in the money but at the same time I am. I also don’t have day trading restrictions so I’m able to do this as much as I want and since I’m in front of computer all market hours I do it quite often

  7. With a sword and shield

  8. I was trading average @13.45 then on the dip I brought @11.60 then brought in so much my average went to $13.4 2600 shares 😂🤣🤣🤣 lost 28% holding. Now I have decided to sell n trade trying to recoup. Been holding going on 3 months

  9. TheSpinningGroove

    Wash sales are what will kill your strategy. Also, with 3500 shares it would take forever to impact your average.

  10. You need to look up what a wash sale rule is….

  11. Lol gme bag holding is not for the faint hearted, git gud scrub

  12. Just sell and don’t look back. Holding is identical to buying.

    Edit: changed “still” to “sell”

  13. ImpressiveSet1810

    Or you could just create a cult with other bagholders

  14. Hang onto it until you have some capital gain. Sell it to reduce your tax owed.

  15. You got yourself into a sticky situation, and your plan was to come to WSB and ask someone to crunch the numbers for you? You for real right now?

  16. How about not buying in the first place until it’s in a channel and keep recycling earning a profit each time? Seems more profitable.

  17. I just sell weekly covered calls and use that to enter new positions

  18. RadicalFarCenter

    “Day trader” fighting the PDT rule lol

  19. And what do you do if it just keeps going lower? My personal opinion is buy what you believe in. If you get stuck bagholding but you like the stock, sell covered calls to offset basis until you are ready to exit. Otherwise take the loss, recalibrate and find out where it went wrong so you can recognize it in real time the next go around and minimize the loss.

  20. I uhh.. instead of selling my CRTD shares at the top of that day at market open (6.94 USD) when Phun and DWAC went nuts. I accidentally **bought** then. Now I’m stuck with 2000 shares and a huge (for me) 6.4K USD loss (about 60%)

    Sad thing is, this shit is so low volume now that the identified support and resistance level are pretty much one and the same, so instead of doing something about it, I just laugh it off depressed saying that my idea was successful, but my execution missed by a margin of a button.

  21. stopRobbingPeter

    You, my dearest autist, have just learned why you’re supposed to trade in a Roth IRA and not in a MM account.


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