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  2. My female friends who generally dont invest or trade frequently were VERY HYPED about this ipo. They bought shares the same week. White girls are trend setters long $BECKY

  3. spiritanimalofcousy

    Interesting. Will do some research on this tomorrow.

    You aren’t as retarded as most of us seemingly.

  4. PossibleBank7152

    Why is the price action so weak even before the market hated high multiple stocks?

  5. Look at some revenue multiples of comparable companies. Ulta, Sally’s, etc. This stock will trade down to a single digit multiple. I’m talking less than 10$/share post lockup. In my top ten shorts list.

  6. OP Ulta now has a partnership to be put into Targets nationwide. These *Target Ultas* are a smaller version, with limited products.

    If they brought the Olaplex into the brands that are distributed there, that would put it toe to toe against Loreal and other dept. store brands.

    Also accelerating growth. Nice post


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