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  1. BreakfastOnTheRiver

    I opened a bull put spread in November at $200/share on PayPal. So far, my ass cheeks are the only thing that’s been spread.

    Would like to see a Paypal rally the next few months.

  2. I agree. Buying in Monday

  3. I agree with everything you said. The only thing I am worried is the big gap between 130-140 and at some point it has to be filled. And if market takes a beating pypl will tank with everything else.

  4. workinguntil65oridie

    I like this play will follow and look into this for monday

  5. Have fun losing all of your money

  6. It looks like PayPal just completed wave 3 of the Elliott wave, and the 4th wave could push it to that 200-230 range. You can try to plot that out with Fibonocci and see the retracement, that would probably give a better technical sell point.

  7. Here’s all the DD you need to know – I opened several call positions a few weeks ago, rolled up 3 to 1/21 $210 about 2 weeks ago and others are in the $200-$210 strike range in April and June. TLDR, I’m long so $PYPL is fucked.

  8. First week of Feb will be catalyst with earning. I agree with most of what’s said here. I am trying to be on the side of caution. My position is Jan 2023 200 Call. I hope yours print!!!

  9. Between Mastercard, Visa, Square, Paysafe, and my personal bags of Payoneer, something is going on. All of these companies are just getting slammed. This started well before the growth stocks got hammered. I’m not sure why, I’m just hoping for a 25% jump, cut my loses to 70k and exit. You have a good post, but unless you are the one person who knows why this is happening, I wouldn’t touch any of these companies. Especially with interest rates set to rise on a 45 p/e company. What do I know though, I lost 90k on fucking over performing payoneer.

  10. Great DD and analysis. What do you think of the risk on $PYPL because of interest rate increases and Quantitative Tightening?

  11. I have 3 250$ calls on jan/2023 down about 45%. Should i just keep holding

  12. Every second day there is a downgrade. And each day in-between the Downgrades are MASSIVE price cuts. Like 270 > 200 and 280 > 220. This stock has nothing going for it any longer from a growth perspective. Every other Fintech in the world is replicating what PayPal does. It will be obsolete In 2 years.


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