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  1. How heavy are those shit bags?

  2. Warren_MuffClit

    35 million revenue. 55 million net loss. 190 million in assets. 5 billion market cap. Its already a bubble.

  3. Dry_Refrigerator_477

    I prefer ASTS for space exposure. The stock will either go to dust ~ if it doesn’t work, or it will be worth a shit ton if they deliver on their goals and profitability.

  4. Why this stock instead of the big names in space right now? How Tesla or Bezo’s suppliers?

  5. Title is correct – I fell asleep reading this

  6. One-Consideration720

    I feel like I’ve seen this exact post before hmm

  7. How does rocket lab make money?

  8. Rklb is the baby thrown out with the bath water, loading up on $11 calls

  9. Sounds like you missed the Virgin Galactic play last year

  10. BeginningMaster9459

    As they improve their process they will lower costs and eventually hit profitability which will quite literally moon the stock as long as there isn’t some offering or random outstanding warrants.

    I don’t think it’s a big buy buy buy yet but I follow it

  11. Bag holder reporting for duty sir..

  12. Cash4Dumpsterfire

    This company is just about to really start making money. Once they recover the rockets first stage, and learn how to refurbish and re fly each mission gets much less expensive, but they charge the same. They are also building a much larger rocket call Neutron that will be even more reusable and much larger. Not too mention there satellite component business… This is WSB and they are literally flying a mission soon to the MOON.

    Recovery is the key. When they catch that stage with a helicopter in the next month or so… this is going up!

  13. Lol I was just loooking at this stock too.. now I see it on Wsb… hmmm

  14. Yeah, I’m sure moon mining will happen before the market crashes

  15. My pick is ASTR. They put a rocket into orbit in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of any other company ever. But they will all have their moment.

  16. Got me at “bassically new Zelands Elon musk”

  17. Witty_Development803

    i hope you’re not a citadel shill bc this showed up in some “strong buy by ken griffin” article

  18. I YOLOd my savings into RKLB a few months ago. Love space!

  19. oreverthrowaway

    don’t waste your time typing this shit. All you had to say was Pelosi is in.


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