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  1. edmonddantesofficial

    This man is selling these contracts.

  2. Based on your analysis I have done analysis of you!

    Here are the results

    Whether you buy or sell, you will end up broke!

  3. BreakfastOnTheRiver

    The only breakout I’ve got is acne

  4. Goodness, the idea you think Tesla can moon when it’s worth a trillion dollars already.

  5. This could only happen if Oprah decided to do Tesla giveaway

  6. I believe small up to a larger down then to the moon. But I sniff my wife’s boyfriends pants

  7. IntentionAdmirable89

    Tesla has done its moon at this point, not that I dislike the stock but if it 2x it’ll be worth 2 trillion. 2x is not mooning XD

  8. Spy has a steep call skew on the put side due to people selling calls to buy insurance – volume and OI to the upside is meaningless.

  9. With Tesla plants about to open and new rating all around $1200. I’m sure the cyber truck will be able to bring you to the moon and back. Leaps here myself that will make me able to retire.

  10. pointme2_profits

    “Ladder attacks” you mean Elon, and everyone involved with Tesla selling massive chunks of shares ? 1200 was the moon. Its not going anywhere until another earnings, delivery, or product comes out.

  11. Miserable-Cucumber70

    U drew a line

  12. Here some ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267) you will need.

  13. I think the problem with Tesla is the heavy institution percentage of ownership. If the rates goes up and margin call happens I think Tesla will get hit hard. Also short squeeze isn’t good for long term growth. People buying into a squeeze don’t want the stock long. I’m bullish Tesla but this week showed buyers aren’t there yet over $1000. Hope I’m wrong.

  14. With GM introducing the 2023 Silverado EV, the Tesla truck reminds me of a ugly Gremlin.

  15. Did u say Elon will rebuy? Lmao

  16. Great setup…

    Just below Support 1 would be a valid Stop Loss. Entry anywhere between current price and support 2 would be a solid play. Take Profit set at 1.27 and 1.618 extensions of the retrace.

  17. thehouseofcrazies

    You had me until you said Elon was going to rebuy

  18. tonymillergmail

    You had me until you said hard tech rally.

  19. Axeman you give me hope.

  20. Finally some real Wall Street bets permabull fuck the world shit

  21. I stopped reading at short ladder attack part.


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